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Google My Maps – Custom Maps

The Best Ways to Use Google’s My Maps Tool

You can use layers to denote groups of events. In the map above, I used one layer to designate host hotels, Resort, Golf Club etc. while a second layer shows events that occur outside of the main convention area.

This is helpful if you’re sharing plans with a group for a convention, or just plotting out your itinerary for vacation.You can turn on different layers individually, which makes it great for separating out multiple days worth of events.


Make Your Own Educational Maps

Maps are a powerful tool for conveying information about an area. As such, they’re excellent for teaching. Google has actually already created a few that are built into the mobile app.

Show your customers everything you can offer them!

We can create a personalized map and include all places of interest to our clients.
At these places, we can add photos and Virtual Tour 360.