Google Business View Frequently Asked Questions | Virtual Tour 360°

Google Street View virtual tour is a high-quality 360-degree interactive virtual tour of your business using Google Street View technology.

By participating in Google Street View Trusted, you:

  • Enhance your content on Google with beautiful 360-degree panoramic images
  • Engage with customers who can now walk-through and experience your business with the familiar Google Street View navigation
  • Influence customer decision making during the search and discovery process by inviting customers into your business online.
Google Street View Trusted Agencies are certified by Google to provide quality tours using Google standardised methods. Businesses engage directly with Trusted Agencies and not Google.
Your Appointment is on the agreed date in the morning or afternoon as agreed (times are not specific but if you do need a rough time of arrival please speak to the office team on the day of your photo-shoot when we can help best, weather and traffic are often factors in photography).

Your Google Street View Trusted photographer will ask for yourself/ your appointed contact upon arrival – just to let you know we are on site, go through your requirements and check that you have everything in place for the photo shoot.

The Google Street View Virtual Tour should show off your unique features, so think about what makes your business special? What are the reasons customers come to your business?
Unless yours is an extremely large business the Google Street View Trusted Photographer will be on site anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the size and complexity of your photoshoot.

The Google Street View virtual tour can be performed either with customers and staff in or not (for privacy reasons if people are present we do have to blur their faces and also the registration plates of any vehicles in/ outside the premises that may be captured).

Should you wish it, we can also blur out any security equipment (locks/ cameras etc.) or anything else at your request. Please make sure the paperwork, with the photographer, has this information on.

Please have any restaurant dishes or other products/ services set up ready for when we visit if you would like to show them off within your tour or on the point of interest images (if you have subscribed to those).

Your Google Street View virtual tour can be staged to provide puzzle’s, QR Code links, objects, images and other creative gimmicks within it making it more interactive for the person viewing it online, again this should be set up in time for our visit so the photographer can complete their work in the allocated time.

The Google Street View virtual tour starts outside (so we can link it to Google’s Street View, where possible) – approx. 10 feet from the front door, from outside we come through the front door walking through and capturing viewpoints at 4-15 foot intervals to provide the virtual walk-through of your business.

Please be aware these shoots show everything in the customer areas of your business, from floor to ceiling.

The Google Street View Trusted Photographer may also have some paperwork which you will need to complete prior to us being able to set the Google Street View Virtual Tour live.

Once the Google Street View virtual tour is complete we may take some still imagery to sit on Google with your Google Street View virtual tour. There is a bit of a format to follow here but some of the images (around 10) may be chosen at your discretion so think about what you would like us to photograph.

To build up your Google My Business Business Photos profile we would normally take photos of:

a.    The outside showing the full frontage of the business.
b.    The inside from the front of the business (just inside the door)
c.    The inside from the rear of the business (facing toward the door)
d.    Something with the business details on (ie a business card/ flyer etc.)
e.    The company logo/ signage (close up shot)

We will also take pictures in all other internal areas of your business so there is a stills gallery of the business interior as well as the Google Street View virtual tour. POI images are fast paced, if you are looking for high end photography of a commercial/ magazine standard then please contact the office for a booking and pricing for this type of service as it may involve lighting rigs, models and comes at a different price point.

Upon completion the work is returned to our offices either electronically via FTP or in person by one of our local team, generally your work is with our offices the following day.

The images are checked through and then we upload the finished work onto Google to tie it in with your Google My Business Page/ Google Maps listing. The tour is made up of still images (not a video) which are ‘stitched’ together to create a seamless virtual tour, the normal turnaround we would expect is within a 1-3 week period, the Google platform is subject to upgrades/ changes and the complexity of the stitching together may also affect the times, if in doubt please call in and one of our team would be more than happy to give you advice on when your Google Street View tour is expected to be live. Soon after the Google Street View virtual tour has gone live we will be in touch to let you know it is all ready and provide you with the links to view etc but please bear in mind we deal with a high volume of businesses so if you do wonder where your Google Street View virtual tour is or would like your POI images sent over then please contact our offices.

We can help, please see our section on Google My Business page management.

Alternatively if you are happy to manage this yourself you can use the below links to get a member of the team in Google My Business support to contact you:

Click Here please contact this number should you have a query about how your Google Business Listing features.

Your Google Street View virtual tour will help your listing stand out on Google visually, it will not alter the position of your business in search.

The terms your ‘knowledge graph’ comes up under on the search engine results page are outside of our control, however we may be able to give you some pointers to improve this when we visit or if you contact either ourselves or Google directly.

Poor, malicious and/or negative reviews from competitors etc are not something we have influence over but they can be dealt with by the team at Google see

Google Support

Potential customers can search for a business via its name on Google. They can then see images displayed directly on the page that results from their search. Individuals who use Google+ Local, Google Maps or other Good properties will also find that these images are displayed right along with other information provided to the client. Photographs can help to give potential clients a better sense of what the interior of the business looks and feels like. By using easy snippets of HMTL or other scripting code, these images can be linked straight off of a business’ Website. The Google Business Photos site provides a plethora of information about how this can be done.
Some people want to know why Google’s team of trusted photographers is photographing businesses. These staffers are taking high definition stills that can be stitched together into making panoramic views. The photographers are independent contractors, but they’ve been independently trained and certified by the search giant to make sure that they take the best photographs possible. Nevertheless, business owners can still upload their own photos by signing into Local. They can also see what sorts of photos have already been taken of their place of business.
Trusted photographers can do a few things that business owners usually can’t do themselves. They’re specifically trained to take high quality interior shots, and they know how to compensate for low lighting conditions. They use rotating turrets mounted on tripods as well as fisheye lenses. There are people who know how to stitch them together into large single still frames once the photographs are uploaded to the search engine giant’s servers. Software processing consists of sophisticated subroutines that stitch images together as well as HDR filters and various other technologies that can produce entire walkthroughs that business owners generally couldn’t afford to make on their own.
Google’s trusted photographer crews actually aren’t employed by Google, nor are they agents of the company. They’re not affiliated with the search engine giant in any way. They’re instead independent contractors who receive a certification because they can meet the company’s exacting standards of excellence for taking these types of photographs and then uploading them. Business owners should only work with those who have been certified by the Internet firm.
Those who work with our particular photographers are only ever charged a one-time fee that includes the photo shoot as well as the posting of the photos to Google’s servers. The tour will be added to Google Maps, and then there won’t ever be any other costs involved. The first five views cost 250 euro, and then 15-20 euro is assessed for every subsequent view after that.
You can either give us a call at +373 (68)155 755 or you can fill out the request form on our website and we’ll get back to you and schedule the shoot for you.
Most photo shoots take about an hour, but it really depends on how large the interior of your business is.
The photo shoots are supposed to give the feel of taking a tour of a business on any regular day, but clients are welcome to tidy up before hand. Please refer to our handy checklist here.
You can always work with the assigned photographer to determine which parts of the business to showcase and which to avoid. Most photo shoots will focus heavily on the main areas involved in customer interaction. These photo shoots are supposed to illustrate what it might be like to take a stroll through your business on a regular day, so any areas customers are likely to see are fair game.
Our photo shoots are always designed to be as non-disruptive as they could be, since we know that you’re running a business. Our photographers always work around your schedule, and they’ll help to select a convenient time. None of our photo shoots ever require any type of lightning or special setup, so you’re welcome to stay open. It’s generally a good idea to let customers and employees know what’s going on, and it’s best to have them avoid being in the view of the camera if at all possible.
We generally aim to have as few people in each of the shots as we possibly can. Photographers often put up signs and alert the customers and staff to ensure that there are as few people as possible in the shots.
When potential customers search for your business by name on Google, they will see the images displayed directly on the search results page. These panoramic images will also be published on Google Place pages, Google Maps and other Google properties and give customers a better sense of the layout, decor and beauty of your business interior. Using easy-to-use html snippets or Maps APIs, you can also link to these images from your own business website, attracting potential customers who visit your website too.
Google Trusted Photographers are taking high-quality still photographs that will be stitched into 360-degree views using panoramic camera technology. These Trusted Photographers are independent contractors who have been trained and certified by Google to produce high quality panoramic images. As a business owner, you can also upload your own photographs to Google by signing intoGoogle Places. You’ll be able to see the photos and 360-degree panoramic imagery directly on Google search results and on your Place page.
Trusted Photographers are trained to take high quality photos of building interiors, accommodating for common challenges such as low lighting and tight spaces. The photographers are also certified to take pictures using fisheye lenses and rotating camera turrets (mounted on tripods) that, once uploaded to Google’s processing pipelines by photographers, will be transformed into 360-degree panoramic imagery and a walk through of your business. Once photographers upload the pictures from their cameras, Google’s processing pipelines use sophisticated image stitching, HDR, image matching and other technologies to produce these panoramic walkthroughs.
Trusted Photographers are scheduling photo shoots with business owners in a limited number of cities in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Canada, and the UK. Even if we aren’t currently active in your area, you can always upload your own photos via Google Places.
Yes! It’s great to see interest from around the world, and your requests will help us decide where to expand this program next.
Trusted Photographers are independent contractors/businesses that are not employed by Google, agents of Google or affiliated with Google in any way. Google has certified them because they meet Google’s standards of quality for taking the feature pictures and panoramic pictures, uploading them, moderating them and eventually publishing them on Google properties.
Because Trusted Photographers are not employees or affiliated with Google, they decide how much to charge for their services. We expect the Trusted Photographers to offer their services at a fair market value, and you may negotiate with them to come to an acceptable price for the service. Prior to any photo shoot, the Trusted photographers will present the Service Agreement, specifying their services, for your acceptance. The agreement also spells out (among other things) that, in return for your payment to the Trusted Photographer, you will own the images that have been taken.
No. Once you apply, if and when a Trusted Photographer becomes available in your city, the Trusted Photographer will contact you to discuss details and receive confirmation from you before photographing your business.
If a Trusted Photographer is unavailable or unresponsive please give us your business and contact details on the Apply Now button. However, do be aware that at this time we’re offering Business View only to a a limited number of cities and it may be a while before we can assist you. Thanks for your understanding.
Photo shoots will exclude any areas of your businesses which you would not like to feature. In addition, our photographers will always alert customers and employees before a photo is taken, to uphold their privacy. All panoramic imagery will be processed by our state-of-the-art blurring technology to blur out faces of any employees or customers who appear in the imagery. At any time you may request additional blurring or takedown of entire images through our Report a Problem link at either the bottom of the pano image, or within your Google+ Local page.
You must have the proper authority to allow a Trusted Photographer access to the business premises to collect photographs and to subsequently allow Google to use those photographs in its products and services. People with this authority include the owner of the business or a director or manager with the designation to make those commitments on behalf of the business. Please note that by agreeing to the terms and conditions and the Google Terms of Service, before your photo shoot, you are confirming that you have the authority to make that commitment.
Google may use these images in other products and services in new ways that will make your business information more useful and accessible to users. For example, further integration with Google Maps will allow customers to find these images easily from the 360-degree Street View imagery of nearby roads for many locations.
Yes, you will own the photos taken by Trusted Photographers once you have paid for this service and the shoot is completed. Keep in mind that by signing the agreement, provided by the Trusted Photographer, you will also license the use of the photos to Google who will publish the imagery.
Because of the technology takes individual unstitched and unreviewed images that need considerable processing after they are uploaded by the photographer, to produce the attractive ‘walk- through’ experience, you will not be able to review the images before they are uploaded to Google.
Yes, if you see a major issue you can ask us to blur some areas in each of the panoramic images. You may also ask us to take down all panoramas. At this time we are unable to take down individual panoramas. To request blurring or takedown click on the “Report a Problem” link on the specific images where you see issues and provide the requested information. Please note that the blurring/removal process may take several days.
Yes, your photos might be removed if they are found to violate the Google photo policy. Although all business images undergo quality review before being uploaded, some photos may still be reported as inappropriate and later removed. The complete photo policy can be found here.
Similar to our policy for Street View imagery, our “Report a Problem” tool enables users to request further blurring of images that feature the user in the 360-degree imagery. Users can also request the removal of images that display inappropriate content, and business owners can ask us to remove 360-degree images taken by Trusted Photographers through the “Report a problem” link or the “Report inappropriate photo” link for feature photos.
Yes, we encourage you to share the walk-through experience of your business with your customers. To embed the 360-degree panoramas on your website, simply find the HTML snippet from a good point of view of the panoramic imagery on Google Maps, click on the “Link” button , click “customize and preview embedded map,” and then copy and paste the HTML to embed in your website. If you’re looking for even more customizability with your images, check out the Google Maps API.
Yes, you are welcome to engage with a Trusted Photographer and coordinate a repeat shoot as often as you’d like, but it is up to the individual Trusted Photographer to decide the cost. Many businesses who have recently renovated their interiors or that have seasonal decor will request a reshoot. Remember that you can always upload your own up-to-date photographs through Google+ Local as well.
AdWords Express is Google’s easy to use online advertising solution, ideal for local businesses who want to advertise on Google and partner websites (including mobile devices) and attract more visitors to their website, or Google+ Page. Visit the AdWords Express website to learn more.

Eligibility requirements: In order to participate in this program and receive the AdWords Express coupon, you must be a business owner or an authorized representative of a business owner. Additionally, your business must be licensed to operate in your region. Your business, photo content and ad materials must also meet all AdWords policy requirements (see the AdWords Policy Center for more information).

If eligible, an AdWords Express Coupon will be distributed to you in an email from your Trusted Photographer once your photo shoot is complete and your images are uploaded to Google. To redeem your coupon, sign-up through the AdWords Express website where you will be able to enter a coupon code at the end of the sign-up process. For help with AdWords Express coupons, accounts, or general inquiries, please contact the AdWords Express helpline.

Terms and conditions apply to the use of the coupons. The offer is not available for existing AdWords Express or AdWords accounts. Limit 1 coupon per business; no additional coupons will be given for repeat shoots. Coupons are redeemable in the following Business View countries: United States, United Kingdom, France, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. This is a limited time offer; coupons expire December 12 2012. Google reserves the right not to issue coupons to select businesses. For the most up to date and detailed information please check the AdWords Express website and the AdWords Express terms and conditions.

Yes you can embed the Business Photos Imagery on your own website and/ or Facebook by simply pasting an HTML code using the straight forward instruction provided to you into your website.

The imagery can be live on Google within 2-6 weeks after a photographer comes on-site to do the photoshoot. Images appear on:

  • Google My Business
  • Google Search
  • Google Maps
  • Google Street View
  • Google +
  • Google Street View app
  • Google Maps app

For more Details & Information do not hesitate to contact us!

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